Leather Couches

If you’re looking for a stylish leather sofa to add to your home, you’ll be sure to find one in our stunning handmade range. We have hundreds of leather options available in all of our chesterfield sofa collections, which can be completely customised for the requirements of your own home.

Each and every one of our real leather sofas are individually handcrafted by our skilled team of craftsmen in our West Yorkshire showroom. You can rest assured knowing that only the best furniture will be delivered to your home as each piece is vigorously inspected by our MD Steve, and workshop manager, Tom. Once the test has been passed, your quality leather sofa will be on its way!

Fully Customisable Leather Sofas

The skills that our craftsmen possess are second to none and because of that, we’re proud to offer you hundreds of options when it comes to customising your leather settee. From changing the cushion fillings to giving the sofa a colour overhaul, no job is too big for our team.Looking for a vintage leather sofa? No problem, there’s over 50 different leather colours that we can fit to your sofa, including classic and traditional shades as well as a contemporary collection for a more eclectic home. You’ll be spoilt for choice on what to pick – and that’s just the colours!We also offer three types of leather sofa materials: antique, premium and deluxe. You’re able to select any of these options when choosing your real leather sofa, and each have been through the vetting process to ensure that exquisite consistency is standard across our entire range.If you’re looking for a different shape of quality leather sofa, we’re able to change the sizing of your piece. Together, we can create the perfect addition to complement your home décor as well as cater to your available space, and provide your room with a new, exquisite addition.No matter what colour you choose for your leather sofa, you will find that you’ll benefit from a long-lasting and durable piece for your home, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Caring for Your Leather Sofa

One of the reasons why people have opted for leather sofas for many years is due to their easiness to clean. Along with their easy maintenance, they’re durable and comfortable, making them a brilliant choice for any home.Although a leather sofa requires a bit of regular care to extend its life span, this is easily done and can be completed by:
  • Lightly dusting or vacuuming the leather sofa every so often, and wiping with a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt on the surface.
  • Blotting liquids with a soft, dry cloth to avoid staining.
  • Using a mild, water-based cleaner to remove grease or oils that appear on the leather surface.
  • Keeping the real leather sofa away from direct sunlight, walls and skirting boards to avoid discolouration.

Accessories for Your Leather Sofa

Along with their easy cleaning routine, leather settees offer the fantastic benefit of being able to work well with any accessory that you could think of. Whether it’s a traditional cushion to add comfort to the piece or a throw to make the furniture cosier, leather sofas can be paired with anything in our accessory collection.As a natural fabric, leather easily adjusts its temperature to changes in the weather. This means that the leather remains cool in the summer but warm in the winter.We’re so confident in the high quality of our classic leather sofas that all of our furniture pieces come with an automatic lifetime guarantee. This covers the structure of your sofa, and allows you to rest assured knowing that any issues with this area will be covered.Simply pick up the phone today or contact us online and let us in on what you’re looking for; we’ll have the right shade for you – and in the style of your choice.

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