Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions should help you with any queries you might have about our sofas, beds, chairs and footstools. If you still want to find out more then please just call us, we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for a Chesterfield suite, sofa or chair? Confused by cushion options and baffled by button choices?

Simply take a look at our FAQ (below) to find the answer to your question.

  • I’d like a corner sofa, can it be made in a Chesterfield style of my choice?

    Of course! Almost all of our standard Chesterfield designs can be produced as a corner sofa, with infinite flexibility in terms of length.

  • What about your sofa beds, do they offer the same standard of luxury?

    Yes, they do. With sprung, wooden slats and a pocket spring mattress our sofa beds are designed with frequent use very much in mind. They’ll look as good as a standard chesterfield sofa, too.

  • Can I provide my own material?

    We can provide a Cost of Material (COM) price for all pieces. We have a library of thousands of fabrics, leathers and cloths to complement the most conservative to the most extravagant of tastes. However, providing we haven’t got exactly what you’d like in stock, feel very free to supply fabric you have sourced yourself.

  • What about if I'd like something slightly different in terms of design?

    Again, no problem. We can make custom furniture with your home or business and its rooms’ dimensions completely in mind – just give us a call to discuss.

  • What does my 10 year warranty mean?

    Our 10 year warranty covers all aspects of your furniture’s frame and structure, which includes suspension, joints and any components.

  • How can you ensure the comfort of my sofa meets my requirements?

    We offer a host of options to ensure your sofa, chair or suite is exactly how you’ve imagined it. Choose from fibre, foam or feather cushions, coil sprung seats, standard seats or French polished feet. Here’s a little detail on each option:

    • Fibre Cushions – Our standard cushion filling, fibre is soft to the touch and is widely used in sofas and chairs. Choose these for your sofa, suite or chair if you’re looking for a soft, comfortable and great quality seat.
    • Foam Cushions – Well shaped to form an orderly, regimented appearance, our foam cushions have a soft and consistent feel.
    • Feather Cushions – Added to each side of the cushion, not just the thin layer on top, fine duck feathers – the most luxurious of our seat filling options – are known for their softness and comfort. Entered by a reflex foam core to aid ‘return’ of the cushion once the occupant has arisen, our feather cushions allow you to sink into each and every corner of your sofa or chair.
    • Coil Sprung Seats – Around 140-individually fixed conical springs are attached to a custom-sized base, before they are cross-tired to a base topper. The process takes up to eight hours and results in a sturdy and extremely comfortable end product.
    • Standard Seats – Our standard serpentine springs run front to back with a hard edge at the front, to give you a comfortable yet sturdy seat.
    • French-polished Feet – Should you opt for French-polished feet, we’ll ensure your high quality chesterfield feet go through a luxurious, time-intensive process. This sees our workshop team apply up to 16 layers of polish, which really does ensure your chosen piece exudes luxury.

Can’t find the answer to your specific question? Get in touch by calling 01484 663294 and we’d be more than happy to help.


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