Brocket Office Chair

Brocket Office Chair

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Brocket Office Chair

The current Brockett Hall in Hertfordshire, England was the third manor home built on the property, this one started in 1760 - the first two were in 1239 and 1430 respectively. Designed by Sir James Paine, this house changed hands many times and is now a Michelin rated upscale restaurant.

Built out of red brick in the neoclassical style, the Brocket office chair resembles its namesake. Shown here in antiqued red leather, the high back is reminiscent of the tall center of Brocket Hall. As the seat broadens out, it also resembles the Hall with its broad encompassing red brick wings.

This Brocket office chair has distinguishing details of hand covered buttons in the back and arms with a gently raised padded seat for comfort. Hand carved arm tips and 5 point mahogany legs glow with the French polishing. Top it all off with brass polished nails and casters for looks and mobility and you have an outstanding example of a hand crafted piece of fine furniture that would look right at home behind your partner's desk.

Shown here in Deluxe Giotto Brandy

The standard configuration for this item is: Bronze renaissance studs and mahogany stain. Comes with a buttoned back and inside arm unless stated otherwise.

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Our individual leather range that is finished using traditional methods, it is vegetable tanned and hand dyed by a professional leather worker before being sealed. It has a rich and deep colour over a fine grained leather that is soft and supple, and will improve with age to develop its own characteristic patina over the years.

Please note, although every care is taken to match hides where more than one is required to upholster a piece, there maybe a slight colour variation. These leathers also have natural blemishes and marks, and will fade if exposed to sunlight.

  • Deluxe Hyacinth
  • Deluxe Spearmint
  • Deluxe Moroccan
  • Deluxe Sapphire
  • Deluxe Seville
  • Deluxe Aqua
  • Deluxe Espresso
  • Deluxe Cinnamon
  • Deluxe Iron
  • Deluxe Hickory
  • Deluxe Oxblood
  • Deluxe Black
  • Deluxe Wheat
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  • Premium Flamingo Deep Velvet
  • Premium Lago Deep Velvet
  • Premium Blossom Deep Velvet

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  • Premium Heather Weave
  • Premium Lavender
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  • Premium Apple Weave
  • Premium Dove Grey Weavw
  • Premium Brick Weave


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