A club chair is a classic piece of furniture which can be seen in many situations and locations. From the Historic gentlemens' clubs of Westminster, to hundreds of embassies World wide, distinctive chesterfields has provided club chairs the world over.

From the purists favourite the Derby to the art deco inspired Rutland, Distinctive Chesterfields stock a total of over fifteen different styles of club chair for you to choose from. You can be sure that Distinctive Chesterfields will always be able to provide you with the club chairs you require.

Types of Club Chair

lub chairs originate from a single style of buttoned base, straight back chair, covered in leather and deep buttoned. But this is not the only option available to you now. We can now give you lots of different styles to choose from. Styles can vary from simply placing a cushioned base on a standard frame, using different styles of legs, different button patterns, etc. To changing the integral frame shape of the club chair completely. Then of course there are the leather options which are almost endless and have a dramatic effect on the finished appearance of a club chair. There are also different finish options available on all styles, such as different stud types, different wood finish colours, and so o n. If you have a particular requirement of desire a specific finish, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team on +61 (02) 8068 8502 for advice.

Which type of Club Chair is best for you?

There is no single answer to this question as it can only be answered by personal preference. For many, the club chair should always be a tight sprung and fully buttoned interior in a dark colour. For others, comfort is a priority, so a club chair such as the Kendal is the order of the day due to its overstuffed body and soft, hand stuffed cushion. Then there are the crested back options, flared or straight armed chairs, and even un-buttoned club chairs. You might even want your club chair to be upholstered in a velvet or other material? Well because we really do manufacture all our club chairs to order, right here in the English countryside, you can be assured that no request (no matter how bizarre) is too obscure or difficult for us.

The construction of a Club Chair

To end up with the perfect building you must first start with a solid foundation. Making club chairs is no different. We start with the frame. Now, on most club chairs, the frame is not visible at any part once the club chair is complete, and because of this it is an area where many companies would look to save money by using inferior raw materials and lower quality workmanship. Not at distinctive chesterfields. We only use the highest grade, low knot count, kiln dried solid beech hardwood for our frames. Yes, it costs us a few pounds more than a soft wood such as pine or hardwood off-cuts, but it means that we can offer our 10 year frame and structure guarantee without hesitation, knowing that under normal conditions, your chesterfield club chair will not let you down by fracturing, developing creeks or warps, and will be around for many years to come. Once the best hardwoods have been selected, they are precision machined and constructed by dedicated frame makers using dowels and screws- not staples and nails, and readied for the next stage of production.

We now have to spring and pad the frame of the club chair. We use a mixture of pirrelli webbing, serpentine and fish-mouth springs, along with hand tied coil springs dependent on the model chosen. Padding comes in the form of multi graded reflex foams which help your club chair be soft and comfortable, whilst retaining its timeless shape.

The button holes are then pre cut into the foam by hand to aid uniform buttoning, and the leather is then laid over. This is perhaps the most crucial stage of the process as if the leather is not applied and buttoned perfectly, creases and sags will form immediately, and the club chair will not wear evenly.

Finally, the finishing touches are applied such as the polished feet and brass studding.

Your club chairs are now cleaned off and dust wrapped, ready for final delivery to you.

Choosing the right leather for your Club Chairs and for you

There are many factors to consider when choosing your club chair. One of the most difficult is always the leather choice. Traditionally a club chair would be upholstered in antique green, antique red, or antique brown, but these days the sky is really the limit. And something as simple as choosing a brighter colour can transform a leather club chair. The Dorset club chair for example is covered in our special premium white leather, which gives it a very contemporary feel which is at home in any London loft apartment. Or the Cumberland club chair, in our hand dyed chestnut leather, gives a more homely, and rustic feel, whilst retaining that classic charm for which a club chair is known.

At distinctive chesterfields, we offer three types of leather as standard for your club chairs- Antique, Premium, and Hand Dyed.

The Antique leather is a durable, corrected grain leather which is hand antiqued after upholstery by partially 'rubbing-off' the darker coat on top to reveal a brighter traditional colour underneath. This type of leather is the standard for club chairs and has been used for over a century to give a club chair that deep, lustred finish.

Premium leather is a semi- aniline pull up leather which is hand creamed and moisturised after upholstery by hand to give a super soft finish. This type of leather will show creases and signs of distressing on your club chair, as it is the most natural of leathers and very high in quality, and has a pull up effect. This gives the leather colour variance over different parts of the chair so every club chair will be unique with its own patina.

Hand Dyed leather is a fully aniline leather which is hand dyed and buffed to give a very smooth finish, and deep colour finish. It too has an amount of pull up so will show colour variance across parts of the chair. This is surely the most exclusive of finishes for any club chair and is usually found on the more exuberant of models.

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