The process of creating a new chesterfield and then making it appear to be an original, traditional sofa is known as antiquing. An antiqued piece of leather furniture gives the appearance of an old sofa but with the benefit of being a brand new piece. This process was pioneered in England in the UK many years ago.

The sofa or club or wing chair is first crafted, sprung and wadded by hand, to give a superior, long lasting shape.

Then the leather which is to be applied to the furniture is put through the first of stage of antiquing. It is blacked with a special treatment which makes the whole of the hide appear very dark, in fact almost black.

This is then applied by hand to the frame of the chair.

Once all finishing has been done the next stage in the process of making your traditional chesterfield appear to be an antique piece of furniture is the rub-off. In this stage, the leather is rubbed lightly by a professional leather worker with a special solution to reveal the lighter colour below. This is done in such a way as to replicate the look of a traditional, antique leather chesterfield or chair.

Once this painstaking process if finished, the final step is to seal the leather. This is done so the antiqued leather settee does not lose its effect over time by becoming too light.

Due to this process, as detailed above, there is finally a viable alternative to having an old chesterfield settee or wing chair in your home.

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